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Business Club
Business club of entrepreneurs from around the world, in which we practice business English online and enter foreign markets.
Since: 03 October 2020

Networking, business English, entering foreign markets.

The growth in the number of members in the period March 6-12, 2021 was 2% (+10).

Time invested since Jan 2021: 5699 minutes.

Members for 6 March, 2021

Average age

Female. Business Lady, entrepreneurs, top managers.

Male. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, top managers.




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For whom
You are an entrepreneur looking for business English practice and the opportunity to enter a foreign market.

Everything about entering foreign markets. Marketing, sales, features, tricks, nuances. Secrets from around the world.


Hello colleagues. My name is Artyom Ivanov, I am 37 years old. Since 2003 in electrical systems. Since 2014 in business, management, sales and marketing.

Experience in creating a network of retail stores, production of nut-fruit paste and children's stools. Organization of extreme tourist, sports and mass events. Fitness online. And much more.

I invite you to give a presentation in English in our Business Club for free!

Attention! I am still learning English, do not pay attention to mistakes in my text on the site, better advise where to fix them!

I have known Artem since 2017, when he came to me with the idea of ​​organizing an extreme tourism project on a desert island.

He is a straightforward, honest, open person. After the first project, we went further with him and organized many more interesting extreme tourist adventures and we continue to do so.

Artem listens to the opinion of his senior comrades, he can insist on his own. Does everything quickly - and demands it from others.

At the age of 61, I have met many interesting, active, energetic people. And I will say that someone who becomes his partner is lucky - he knows how to achieve his goals and lead a team.

Andrey Butylin is an entrepreneur, owner of several companies, hiker, climber, organizer of many expeditions. In business for over 40 years.

Business English training
We do not invite business English teachers. You can practice business English by inviting club members to your events. Activities include a presentation of the topic, which can be agreed with the founder of the club. Examples of speeches on the YouTube channel. Admission is free for listeners and speakers.
Networking (offline) in the Republic of Karelia, Russia
We meet on a sailing and kayaking trip along the Ladoga skerries. Networking in Russia, Republic of Karelia - August 1-6, 2021. We invite participants from all over the world, we speak Russian and English. More details
Entering foreign markets
Everything about entering foreign markets. Marketing, sales, features, tricks, nuances. Secrets from around the world. Announcements in the Telegram channel and Instagram page, the content itself will be published within the Business Club.

How it works
You can contact me in the contacts section.
Date, time
Set the date and time of your performance. It is recommended to use Moscow time.
Agree with the club admin on the topic or list of topics for 1 year ahead for the presentation. It is better to take general topics, they will learn about you and your business anyway, when we present to colleagues.
Fill out the form and notify the admin about it.
An announcement

The admin prepares an announcement for the event in a private Facebook group and invites participants to your presentation. The text announcement must come out at least 10 days in advance so that the club member can plan. We make a video announcement the day before the event, examples.

The duration of the event is up to 20 minutes, then they ask questions. But even better if it is interactive, when you ask questions to the participants during the presentation. We use Zoom for recording (or another service, but with the ability to record a meeting), post the recording on our YouTube channel. Those who did not get on the live broadcast will watch later if they wish.

How to move to Europe with a startup? Part 2 - country test.
March 26, 2021 / Friday / 18:00 Moscow time.

Violetta Shishkina, was able to move on a startup visa from Russia to the Netherlands. We are planning a series of meetings in 2021.

Violetta is a co-founder of the CADChain startup. MBA, Linguist, Blockchain Enthusiast, Education Expert, Researcher.

Loves everything related to development, additive manufacturing, intellectual property protection for CAD and 3D models, trade secrets, tracking in supply chains, online education, neurology.

Turn to her if you need advice on startups in the Netherlands or are looking for experienced developers.


Ask our members about the club and meetings, links are active
They say: "If you want to get help from a person (or community), first talk to those whom this person (or community) has already helped."

Violetta Shishkina

Netherlands, Roermond, Limburg. Co-founder and CEO of CADChain startup https://cadchain.com/

I was approached by Artem to join an international business club and discuss his idea about using VR in second language acquisition. And we ended up deciding on doing a series of webinars about "running a startup in the Netherlands" that will be held every month.

I would like to thank Artem for inviting me to to share my experience of being a founder of a startup. I think it is a great idea to unite business English practice, networking and a kind of "support community". It is an opportunity to see unique cases with respect to how people build their business in different countries, learn from their experience, get valuable feedback and useful connections.

I wish the club members success in their business and its expansion to other countries. Artem, keep on developing the business club, I'm sure it will gain more and more members and will turn into a vibrant community.

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Ekaterina Lavrinovskaya

Russia, Karelia. Co-founder of a service for entrepreneurs


I take part in round table meetings of the business club. I think this is one of the conditions for the growth of the owner and the development of his business. Meetings of this kind allow you to look at your business in a new way, get feedback from colleagues and implement other actions in order to get a previously unattainable result. Recommend!

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Simon Swerdlow

America, Florida. Founder and CEO of a Start-up weco.online, find and build your team!

It is often said that WHAT you know is not important for success, but WHAT you know is more important. Surrounding yourself with the right people is a big part of your success. And what Artem does can help to meet a lot of cool people striving for success.

WeCo.online | Facebook

Natalia Titova

Russia Moscow. HR Director at Gipfel international

Artem Ivanov is a tireless enthusiast capable of engaging, motivating and motivating people to take action. The community for the practice of business English, created by him, allows participants not only to train foreign language skills, but also to make new acquaintances, which will surely grow into business communications and joint projects. Artyom's positive energy, his openness and sincere interest in community members create a unique product that is undoubtedly in demand and will develop in the future. I wish Artem to continue his great educational mission!

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Elena Kruchinina

Russia Moscow. Managing Partner of Digital Agency Rodionov Consulting denis-rodionov.ru

A very cool project for entrepreneurs, I recommend everyone to participate in this for growth and development. What did I find in the project:

People who are close in spirit. At such moments, in a circle of like-minded people, you understand that you are not alone with all this smut - customers, sales, employees. This is such a cozy place where you can just “groan” about your entrepreneurial experience. But after the vest is substituted, you get powerful feedback.

This is not the advice of a neighbor or childhood friend, this is the experience of people “in the subject”. They have already gone through all this, they know how to solve it and they give you advice and a kick so as not to whine further, but to make changes to the existing structure and overcome a difficult stage

Moderator - Artem motivates “on the record”. He says in a stern voice, so, Elena, write down what you have to do in a week and I am waiting for a report for the next meeting. And it's a shame not to do it, Artem will ask, and you blush like a schoolgirl) He sets feasible tasks, structures them and relies only on your existing reality. Without such fantasies on the topic: well, you take 10 employees tomorrow and everything will work out for you, but where will you take money for their salaries - well, find a treasure)

This is an opportunity to find new useful contacts, a friendly environment for networking, where even not in the format of events we can share each other's contacts. I am not ashamed and not afraid to recommend any of our participants, because we spent not a single hour together, and I know where they are strong, what their expertise is, and I am confident when asked where to go to review my business. I don't think for a second, I'll tell Artyom. He loves his project and transfers this mood to the group, charges it with a working mood and energy for growth.

Happy to be a part of this project and thanks to the universe for this meeting.


Elena Sobetskaya

Russia, Volgograd. Business Development Director Elton Ultra elton-ultra-trail.com

I am very glad to be in the group of active, positive, like-minded people at the round table meetings of the business club.

Different views of entrepreneurs and businessmen with different mindsets are very helpful in taking a fresh look at the state of affairs, identifying and solving specific business problems. We discuss, help, develop, set goals, and fulfill them. Emotions are the most positive, communication is lively and easy!

This wow effect is felt from the first meeting. Any business starts with a person who once made a decision and took responsibility for himself and his life.

Our most important investor is ourselves, and in a group of professionals, efficiency multiplies many times!

I would like to thank the founder of the business club and moderator of the round tables Artem Ivanov for his professionalism, inexhaustible energy and help!


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Gennadiy Belousov

Russia Moscow. Ch. Editor www.BrandLawyer.ru (a specialized online publication for lawyers in the field of intellectual property protection), Founder of the BALKAN TIME media project.

As far as I remember, Artyom invited me in a personal message to FB. It was a personal invitation that became the reason to pay attention to Artyom's project, the goal of which turned out to be very close to me in spirit. I am sure that projects in which we can equally exchange ideas, knowledge, skills is a great future. Artyom manages to invite interesting and extraordinary speakers. Regular participation in events allowed me to restore an active vocabulary in topics of importance to me in English. The platform allows you to find partners in terms of language proficiency, business and life-style interests, and an informal communication style is a guarantee of openness and the ability to exchange really important information. I sincerely wish the PROJECT further development.


Natalia Prahova

Russia Moscow. Founder of a consulting agency and HR director at an IT company.

Artem, I want to say thank you very much for the round tables you are holding. It's great when people from different businesses and with different life experiences can share their ideas and emotions. To say that the meetings are interesting is to say nothing. And it's not so much that I immediately received feedback on my plans and ideas about the possibilities of implementation. Much more I liked that you begin to see the situation from the other side - not as you used to think and solve problems, but from a different angle of view suggested by other participants in the mastermind.

Many thanks to all participants for ideas and advice.

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Alexey Ilyin

Finland, Helsinki. Serial entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of massage parlor www.prohieronta.fi

I am glad that I found myself among like-minded people, people implementing their business ideas. From round table meetings, I get a burst of energy for the realization of my goals, this is a unique opportunity for a short time to switch to other areas of business, to help in solving problems facing people. At the time of the meeting, we seem to become a single organism. I like that Artyom, after discussion, insists (and if necessary, then helps) that the person sets a task for himself for the next month, before our next meeting.


Irina Vladimirova

Ukraine, Kiev. Founder and CEO of Vladira brand (handmade dresses)

Many thanks to Artem for the invitation to Business Club "Co-Founder"!
Participation in online meetings is interesting and, most importantly, fruitful.
Saturated communication with all participants, positive atmosphere and good organization. I liked very much that the whole team formed a list of tasks for the next month. It is stimulating.

If you need to pump your project, yourself and your brains, go to the Co-Founder Business Club for a round table!

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Anna Iosko

Netherlands. Arnhem. International and business communication specialist. Professional mastermind moderator

Personal growth coach through English.

If I was asked to describe Artem in three words, I would say: purposeful, inquisitive and honest. Then I would add that I admire such qualities as the desire to learn, courage and willingness to accept feedback without pretensions.

During that short time of communication, I got to know Artem as a person who is resistant and open to change and growth. I love his ability to genuinely respect the opinions of others, and at the same time follow his plans, relying on his qualities.

I recommended Artem for cooperation in the project without any doubts. You can rely on his word, and this is a rather rare professional quality.

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Zoya Yarlykova

Russia Moscow. Director at Event-agency "Morissot" https://morissotshow.ru/

By chance I found myself in a business club where they practice business negotiations in business English. I want to tell you about it so that everyone can read, understand what is happening here and find an opportunity to join.

The club is built on total trust. We take a business topic and reveal it in English. Participants ask questions. A discussion is created. It is a great experience of spoken language. The brain switches.

The participants are just like me, working and experienced, interested in development.

From the very first lesson, I got new acquaintances (useful) and an impetus to development. I thought about my industry, moreover, in English phrases.

Thanks to Artem, a real engine of progress! His idea with the club came in handy during a pandemic! I wish you development and ready to support new ideas!


Gena Sabeva

Bulgaria, Sofia. Gena Sabeva - business lady, entrepreneur and mentor with over 30 years of professional experience http://www.matraci.info/, http://aidb.bg/

A very cool project for entrepreneurs, I recommend everyone to participate in this for growth and development. I am glad that I found myself among like-minded people, people implementing their business ideas. After all, there is a great opportunity here to find partners. The club has an opportunity to tell about yourself, about your project in business English, to get feedback. I wish the business club further development, Artem is good at it. He can handle it!


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Artem Ivanov
To make a presentation, write to me, I will answer all your questions, we will establish a trusting and warm relationship.
186757 Republic of Karelia, Sortavala, Vyartsilya village, Mira street, 3a.

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